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Travelling on a budget – Top 3 Travel Apps!

Budget apps

One of the main reasons many people don’t travel is because they think it costs too much, but it doesn’t have to. Here’s 3 apps you can use to help your hard earned cash go further when it comes to travelling. Make sure you stick around ’till the end to get £25 off an Airbnb stay!!!


Lucky trip allows you to scour the web for the cheapest all in trips (hotel, flights and an activity where you stay!), you can pick the duration that you’d like to travel for, set a budget and boom, the app will give you a result in seconds!

There’s so many options!

Here’s an example of the kind of thing you can find, theres tonnes of 2 and 3 day trips to cities all over Europe for next to nothing!


This ones pretty obvious, most of you probably already use it. But sky-scanner lets you find the cheapest available flights for a specific destination and date.

If you don’t have many commitments you can ask sky scanner to find the  cheapest flights to ANYWHERE at any given time. This is good for people looking to book spontaneous trips or if you’re on a budget!

I found return flights to Poland in October for £31.
Tempting… 😉


Another amazing option when looking at travel apps. AIRBNB lets you book budget accommodation especially if you opt for a private room rather than an entire place. You can find super cheap rooms for short stays or for the more adventurous you can rent out your own party mansion for the weekend!

Hopefully you found this post helpful, let me know what apps you guys use when travelling or planning trips or if there was anything you think I’ve missed!

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