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Prague Metro – How to get around in Prague

Getting around in Prague

Prague has long been a popular destination for budget travellers, but don’t let its low cost of living fool you. The Czech capital has some amazing history and offers plenty of opportunities for exploring. With this in mind its probably a good idea to make plans about how you’ll adventure in Prague. There’s plenty of options when it comes to getting around in Prague; from the Prague Metro, the tram system and even traditional buses.

Most transport within Prague is fairly cheap so you won’t have to worry too much about bills racking up if you’re on a budget.

Getting into prague city

The quickest and easiest way to get into Prague city centre from the airport is via the 119 bus followed by a short journey on the Metro. The busses are easy to find outside the airport and if you’re unsure just ask (most people are friendly).

You can purchase your ticket from inside the terminal for around 32 CZK (just over £1.00) and get it validated here too. Once validated the ticket lets you travel for the next 90 minutes. 

Hop on the 119 bus (runs every 10-20 mins until 11:30pm) and get off at the last stop nádraží veleslavín. It should take around half an hour to get to the final stop. From here you can use the same ticket you used on the bus to hop on Metro line A which takes you direct to the city in around 15 minutes.

walking in prague

Walking can be one of the best ways of exploring a new city when you have plenty of time there. Prague is a fairly flat city so you’ll fid it fairly easy to navigate. Both the old town and new town are both fairly compact and are joined by Charles Bridge.

I always find that walking around a city you stumble across the best cute little cafe’s, bars and small side streets.

Walking in Prague shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with a basic level of fitness. Most of the main tourist attractions are fairly central such as the Astronomical clock or the John Lennon Memorial wall. You may have to walk a little further to find Freetown Christiana and the Dancing house though! 

Walking round the streets of Prague
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Using the metro

The metro in Prague has made the shortlist for ‘the most beautiful metro in the world’ countless times. And there’s good reason for that. Renown for its artistic design and funky stations, the metro services most of the main attractions and areas within Prague.

The metro has 3 lines; Green, Yellow and Red. The lines are mapped out in stations and inside the carriages and are pretty easy to follow. You’ll find it pretty easy to get around Prague using the metro as its runs every 2-4 minutes during peak hours and around 5-10 minutes during off peak. The Metro run from 5am until midnight 7 days a week.

The Prague Metro
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If you’re looking to explore further afield when visiting Prague then the busses are the way to go. The busses connect the suburbs and surrounding areas to the centre of the city, it’s also your best option for getting to and from the airport.

Again you’ll find timetables at the stops forth peak and off-peak hours as well as weekends. Some stops will also have ticket machines but if not you can buy a ticket from the driver. Just remember that exact change will be expected.

Busses aren’t always seen as the most glamorous way to travel, but I think you be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and reliable the Czech services can be.


If you don’t fancy the Metro but want to experience some of Prague’s best public transport then maybe the tram is the best option for you. 

This is the public transport you’ll probably see the most of too, theres countless lines scattered across the city and the trams always seem to be passing you no matter where you are.

You’ll be able to find a map at all the stations and can expect to wait around 8-15 minutes in-between each tram dependant on the time of day. There are also some night trams which may be an option for you late night drinkers!

The No. 22 tram stops off at most of the main attractions including Prague Castle. 

Tram in Prague Old Town
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extra points to note

Now you know the ins and outs of the different ways you can travel in Prague, here’s a few tips to make things a little smoother;

  • Validate your tickets for public transport as soon as possible to avoid hefty fines from ticket  inspectors.
  • Stay alert, Prague used to be renown for pickpockets. Although things aren’t as bad these days its important to be aware of your surroundings and blend in as much as possible.
  • Make sure you plan your trip in advance (and purchase tickets in advance if you can), nobody likes missing the last bus!
  • If you’re lost, don’t panic, you’ll be able to find a map at a tram, bus or metro station and figure out how to get to where you need to be!

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