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7 Best Travel series and Documentaries on Netflix

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If you’re anything like me then you’re probably still really missing your travel, right? The latest lockdown has hit the UK pretty hard and left a lot of us bored and longing for a beer in the sun! Since the start of April when the world came to a standstill I’ve been looking at plenty of different ways to keep my travel dreams alive during lockdown! One of those ways was by diving into the world of online streaming and discovering the best travel series on Netflix!

If all the above sounds just like you and you’ve run out of DIY projects then maybe it’s time to indulge in some armchair travel. Put the kettle on (or pour a beer if you’d rather), get your feet up and let’s dive into some of the best Netflix travel series to keep your travel bug satisfied!

Down to earth - with Zac efron

Down to Earth with Zac Efron and Darin Olien, a lighthearted and easy to watch documentary series that’s follows the pair as they explore our planet and look at issues such as green energy, sustainable living and how we can gain life experience and be at one with nature. 

In this educational and cultural series you’ll learn; how Iceland harnesses the natural powers of the earth to supply the country with 100% green energy, how the diet of locals in Sardinia contributes to the oldest population in the world and the ways that London is tackling it’s pollution problem. 

My Octopus Teacher

I thought this one was a bit strange when I first started watching it. But, it was hard not to keep watching once fell in love with the way it showed me how intelligent other animals can be. Craig Foster, a South African filmmaker heads backs to his roots, the ocean, when he finds himself lost in life. 

On his journey to find his lost love for life, Craig starts swimming in the cold waters off the coast of South Africa, taking his camera with him. Watch as he befriends a common octopus who slowly learns to trust him and waits for his visit every day! A truly amazing short film about mans connection with the natural world.

jack whitehall: travels with my father

Jump on a plane with British comedian Jack Whitehall and his Father Michael as they attempt to strengthen their father, son bond. Jack continues his gap year which was cut short back in 2009, only this time he’s taking his dad with him! 

Watch as they visit some exciting and weird locations all across the world, starting in South East Asia in the first season and then moving onto Europe and Australasia. Jack is very outgoing and open to new experiences but his father is quite often reserved and puts up a fight before doing new things. Quite an interesting combination.

Reminds me somewhat of Karl Pilkington who starred in ‘An idiot abroad’. Another great watch if you’re after a good laugh along with your travels!

pedal the world

For all you cyclists out there this one is for you. Join Felix Starck as he leaves his hometown in Germany and travels across 22 countries and covers almost 22,000km. Using social media and calling in favours from family and friends at home Felix is able to overcome the challenges that he faces during his journey to find the meaning of life.

I really love how Felix shows us how we don’t need to be massively into fitness to start something like this. If you’re environment conscious too, it’s great to see a new take on travelling the world, which doesn’t have to be done using traditional methods of transport that are bad for our planet.

tales by light

A picture speaks a thousand words. Tales by light follows some of the worlds best photographers on their travels around the globe. Diving into the natural world as well as different cultures and religions. Follow the footsteps of the photographers as they embark on journeys to capture the perfect image which speaks for itself.

The short and sharp episodes are great for anyone who is interested in photography and/or travel. I loved watching this one and learning so much about the natural world and different cultures.

Enjoying the best travel series on netflix?

the kindness diaries

Travelling doesn’t always have to be expensive, and that’s just what Leon Logothetis shows us in the Kindness Diaries. Setting out on ambitious journeys relying solely on the kindness of others. Leon has no money, no food and nowhere to sleep. He meets strangers on the street and relies on their kindness to help keep him warm and fed. 

A real eye opener to how travel can affect our lives in a positive way and how getting outside your comfort zone can lead to meeting some of the most amazing and kind people with amazing stories to tell.

Untamed Romania

Far beyond the bustling cities of Romania lies hundreds of miles of undisturbed natural landscape. Mountains, forests and expansive wetlands are home touch of the countries iconic wildlife.

This in depth film takes you on a journey through the undisturbed and unheard of by many landscapes of Romania. The film is set over a an entire year and shows how’s the coming and going of each season affected the landscape and the creatures that live there. 

Romania has some of the largest remaining areas of pristine landscape in the whole of Europe and it’s hard to sit and watch this without wanting to plan a trip there. 

Get the kettle on!

So now you have my favourites it’s time to start working your way through the list. If not then just pick out the ones you think take your fancy, there’s something for all tastes on this list! 

Hopefully this post will give you some of the best travel series on Netflix to watch right now to keep your wanderlust alive during the current climate.

Did I miss any of you favourites? Let me know in the comments!


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